This is not just a simple “who we are”,  but it’s a way to tell you how we arrived and achieved where we are now.

 Sharewood became, in just two years, the marketplace leader in Europe for renting outdoor sport equipment (bikes, skies, surf tables), ten guys who took their dream and turned it in a concrete and fast-growing reality.

But, after this first achievement, we decided to take our ideas and projects to an upper level. As more and more members of our community and sports enthusiasts started to ask us not just the renting of equipment, but also some outdoor experiences (bike tours, ski lessons, rafting, Trekking tours, extreme hiking…), we decided to provide them a full and high-quality range of daily experiences, to free their desire of sport. We started to be too jealous of our clients, so we began to organize “Sharewood events”, to go skiing or surfing, biking around or testing ourselves in new outdoor sports.

After that, next step: the organization of active and outdoor holidays, Sharewood Adventure!

SHAREWOOD adventure

  • WE ARE PRECISE AND ORGANIZED - we know our partner, the service and the reliability of who works with us!
  • WE OFFER ADVENTURES IN LINE WITH OUR VALUES - Original, outdoor, sportive, adrenaline and unforgettable
  • WE OFFER COSTANT CUSTOMER CARE - We want to support and help you, in order to find the perfect adventure for you!
  • WE ARE YOUNG, MOTIVATED AND GOOD IN WHAT WE DO - We like what we do, that's why we do it well!
  • WE HAVE A CLEAR GOAL IN FRONT OF US - We want to become a landmark of all the outdoor and sports enthusiasts. We work for this!

SHAREWOOD adventure

That’s the origins of Sharewood Adventure , more than a Tour Operator, more than a Travel agency, more than a simple aggregator, Sharewood Adventure wants to revolutionize the idea of adventure holidays.

Here you wouldn’t find any standard packages or any stereotyped destination, but a lot of ideas, proposals, tips and suggestions, to create together the adventure holiday you have always dreamed about. 

All our offers have three features really important and always present: they are original, they are active&outdoor, they are customized. Do you have any specific request, any need, any idea or dream about your next outdoor travel? Sharewood team is here to support you, to advice you, to find with you the perfect holiday, exactly what you were looking for or you were dreaming about!

We want to create a new way to choose an holiday: don’t think about the destination, close your eyes and understand how you want to feel during your trip, Sharewood Adventure wants to give you exactly that feeling!

Welcome on board! 

Leave with us!

We have selected with care the best partners, who can guarantee you a great experience, an unique and unforgettable Adventure.

Important achievement

We are trying to improve ourselves constantly, but we are also happy about the results we have achieved: 

Best Italian Startup Travel, People’s Choice Award a Phocuswright Europe di Amsterdam 2017, Accenture Tech Award

From sports enthusiasts to sports enthusiasts

We are travelers, adventurers, sport and nature lovers, adrenalin fans and incurable optimists. That’s why we have just selected adventures that we would do immediately,  in order to create an offer to be proud of, something cool for our clients and for us!

Meet the Adventure Team


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