Ambassador Program

Promote our adventure packages worldwide

Share experiences with thousands of people

Earn, make new friends, create unforgettable memories for all

Become part of the Sharewood family


I love travelling
I’m a good communicator
I’m over 18 years old
I’m in line with the philosophy of Sharewood
I’m pro-active


Earn travelling
Create links for your future
Make friends and share experiences
Personal discount code
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+39 393 8931711

What requirements do I need to become an Ambassador?

To become an Ambassador you need to be over 18 years old, be in line with the philosophy of Sharewood and be passionate about travelling, Sports and Outdoor. Excellent communication skills and pro-active attitude are a necessity. Come and join us!

How does Sharewood support me?

The Sharewood Team will always support you!
Your Advisor will always be on hand to help you reach your targets as best as possible!

How does the booking request work?

The people you have ready for the Sharewood Adventure use your personal code at the time of booking and you receive your fee the moment the booking is confirmed!

How can I discover the Adventure Packages?

We will be always on hand to help you in the search for the perfect adventure, because we believe in the service we offer!

Am I allowed to promote any other brands when part of Sharewood?

Yes, you are free to promote other brands…but don’t go to our competitors, it’s not nice!

How can I contact you?

We are always on hand to help you. Write or call us!
Tel: +39 393 8931711

You can also find us on Social Media Networks!