8 Days discovering Western Cuba

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8 days - 7 nights
Availability : January - December
Min Age : 18 +
Come explore the Western side of beautiful Cuba!

Come explore the beautiful Western side of Cuba! On this unforgettable 8-day tour, you will be able to explore the side of the island closer to the shores of Mexico and Florida, enjoying bike tours in the streets of magical Havana or diving in the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea. What else are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your tour now!


Day 1The adventure begins - Arrival in Havana

Welcome to Havana! Get off your plane and settle at the hotel, take a good day off to refresh and get ready for this amazing experience in Cuba!

Day 2Bike tour in Havana

Havana is a true beauty of the Caribbeans, and the best way of visiting it is by bike, so get ready to have a good stroll around the city all day long!

Day 3From Havana to Viñales

A couple of hours from Havana is Viñales, a beautiful city characterized by colonial architecture and the impact this has left on the modern outlook of the city. Its position gives the chance to visit both the mountains behind it as well as the breathtaking coastline. Enjoy its beautiful sceneries!

Day 4Hiking in Canopy

Today you will have the chance to explore the mountains of Cuba, enjoying a breathtaking hiking tour on their peaks or wandering in Canopy, near Viñales.

Day 5Playa Larga and Soroa

Today will be entirely spent along the Southern coast of Cuba, going from the more Western Soroa to the astonishing shores of Playa Larga, a true pearl of the ocean.

Day 6Diving in Playa Larga

Get your goggles on, today you will go on a diving tour in Playa Larga, to admire and experience its beauties below the sea level, under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 7From Playa Larga to Havana

Today you will return to Havana from Playa Larga, so you will be able to enjoy the capital a little more and have a better taste of its great food and traditions.

Day 8Havana - The adventure ends

Say goodbye to Cuba and its beauties, today the tour will end and you will return home.

Changes in the itinerary may incur. Organizers may modify the tour accordingly to weather conditions to ensure the safety of participants.

The price includes

  • 7 nights accomodation in Guest House / Private Accomodation with DBL
  • Breakfasts and dinners
  • Bike tour in Havana
  • Hiking tour in Canopy
  • 1 diving session for Playa Larga (alternatively in Maria la Gorda or Havana) for beginners or experienced divers
  • Helpline in Havana

The price does not include

  • Contract management fee (10€ per person, mandatory)
  • International/national flights
  • Transfer to/from meeting point
  • Lunches
  • Optional/extra tours and activities
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses
  • Anything not explicitly mentioned in "the price includes"

Partner terms and conditions

1. Conclusion of the travel contract
1.1 The booking, which has to be made in written format, constitutes a binding offer from the

traveler to the registered tour operator ACTIVE REISEN e.K. with all of its operator sub-
brands (like Cuba4Travel, Cuba-Diving, Dive-World, Activreisen 60plus, Active Travel &

Diving, Mallorca-Activreisen, Bavaria-Franconia-Travel among others – subsequently called
‘ACTIVE REISEN’) to conclude a travel contract. If two or more participants are registered,
the person concluding the booking accepts to hold liability for all participants and their
contractual responsibilities upon signing the contract.
1.2 The travel contract becomes effective with the acceptance through the tour operator.
2. Prices and Payment
2.1 Upon contract formation, a deposit of at least 25% of the total travel price has to be paid if
not stated otherwise in the description of services. For group and safari bookings it can go up
to 40% by agreement. For cruises and trips to Jardines de la Reina/Cuba, as well as other
safari destinations it has to be 50% since the local authorities expect that sort of deposit. We
charge at least 15 EUR for the handling of travel and diving-vouchers.
2.2 After paying the deposit, additional costs need to be paid immediately in full when
securing additional services (taxes, fees, Insurance, etc.).
2.3 The full payment of the invoice must be in our accounts 30 days before travelling. The
operator has no obligation to remind you of this deadline. For trips to to Jardines de la Reina
and other safari destinations, final payments have to be in our accounts 6 weeks before the
start of the journey. For trips with a minimum number of participants, the final payment
becomes due only if ACTIVE REISEN is not entitled to cancel the journey anymore.
2.4 All payments are to be made via transfers while arising banking charges are at the
expense of the customer. Upon all foreign transfers, ACTIVE REISEN charges a banking fee
of 20 EUR per draft.
2.5 Payments via credit card are not accepted.
2.6 Your completed payments are properly protected from bankruptcy according to
paragraph 651k BGB.
2.7 In case the deposit payment or final payment for the trip is not paid by their deadlines,
ACTIVE REISEN is entitled to void the travel contract and to charge the recission fees as
indemnity, provided, a flaw in the trip plan qualifying it for cancellation is not already existent.

3. Services/Prices
3.1 The scope of the travel services that have to be performed contractually result from the
statements in the offer range of ACTIVE REISEN and from the statements referring to this in
the travel confirmation. Alterations- and additional Agreements, that involve the scope of the
contractual performances, need the written confirmation from ACTIVE REISEN.

3.2 Your trip starts and ends, depending on the length of your stay, at the departure and
arrival times shown in the program description.
3.3 If you, for a compelling reason, end up not taking individual services you already paid for,
ACTIVE REISEN can only come up with a partial refund if the respective, on-site service
provider of the services shown in the program description (The hotel, transport company,
safari boat, diving base, etc.) issues a confirmed written credit advice. A refund is impossible
if the services are extraneous and/or are the customer’s own fault.
3.4 If you want to extend your journey, please contact our German office or one of our offices
on site timely.
4. Service and price alterations
4.1 Alterations or deviations of individual travel services of the arranged content of the travel
contract that become necessary after contract formation and are not precipitated by the travel
operator in bad faith, are only allowed if the alterations or deviations are not considerable and
the fully planned program of the booked trip is not impaired by them. Changes in the order of
the program, during the overnight stays, the preparation of alternative programs as well as
surrogate services are reserved if required in case of unforeseeable events. If the minimum
number of participants stated in the program description is not succeeded for an essential
travel service, ACTIVE REISEN is able to change the travel service or cancel the trip until up
to 14 days before the contractually agreed upon beginning of the journey. ACTIVE REISEN
will inform the customer about such alterations instantaneously.
4.2 ACTIVE REISEN is entitled to change the prices that are shown and confirmed with the
booking in case the transportation cost or the cost for specific services, like harbor or airport
taxes or alterations in the exchange rates concerning the respective trip, depending on how
the markup per person affects the general travel price and as long as more than three
months from the formation of the contract to the starting date of the journey.
4.3 In the case of a subsequent alteration of the travel price or an alteration of an essential
service part of the trip, the customer will immediately be informed before the start of the trip.
After this point, increasing the prices is prohibited. Upon price increases by more than 10
percent or in the case of a considerable alteration of an essential travel service, the customer
is eligible to rescind the travel contract without costs or is at least allowed to request the
participation in an equivalent trip if ACTIVE REISEN is able to offer such a trip to the
customer from their range of trips without additional charges. These rights have to be
validated with ACTIVE REISEN by the customer right after having received the information
about the price increase or essential alterations of travel services.
5. Withdrawal, booking changes, participant changes
5.1 If the customer asks for a third person to go on the trip of him instead, a processing fee of
150€ per person will be charged. A participant change is only possible until 30 days before
the start of the trip. Any changes made lateron are only feasible after the customer has
already canceled his former journey. For flight bookings and offers as well as flights from the
add-on-modules, transfers and name changes can only be effected as new bookings and if
there is enough room available.
5.2 For booking changes, in respect of the date of the trip, accommodation, meals, the travel
destination and the departure airport, a processing fee of 150€ will be charged per person
until 30 days before the beginning of the trip. From the 29th day before the start of the trip,
travel changing wishes are only considered after rescinding the travel contract and forming a
completely new booking. If the customer withdraws from the travel contract or does not start
the trip, then ACTIVE REISEN is entitled to charge generalized withdrawal fees amounting to

the cancelation fees as an appropriate compensation for the arrangements and effort made
for the journey.
5.3 ACTIVE REISEN may ask for a higher claim for damage as agreed in the general
withdrawal rules, if ACTIVE REISEN can prove it. In case the customer alleges that the claim
for damage from ACTIVE REISEN is lower than agreed-upon in the general withdrawal rules,
it has to be proven.
5.4 In case the travel price is based on the occupancy of the accommodation (double rooms,
triple rooms, cabins with more beds, apartments, bungalows, etc.) and one of the fellow
travelers withdraws from the travel contract, the travel price for the remaining participants
calculates anew according to the reduced number of people and at least half of the complete
travel price of the withdrawn travel participant is to be paid. If the accommodation requires a
general lodging price the complete travel price will have to be charged.
5.5 A travel cancelation fee insurance is not contained in the travel price. ACTIVE REISEN
urgently recommends getting coverage through this insurance upon booking the trip.
6. Withdrawals and termination through ACTIVE REISEN:
In the following cases, ACTIVE REISEN can withdraw from the travel contract before or
annul the travel contract after the start of the trip:
Without adherence to a time limit, if the travel participant persistently disturbs the execution
of the trip despite a warning from ACTIVE REISEN or if the travel participant behaves
contrary to the contract to such an extent, that the immediate annulment of the contract is
justified. If ACTIVE REISEN terminates the contract, then ACTIVE REISEN will keep the
claim to the full price of the trip. Possible additional costs for the transportation upon
returning, the travel participant bears himself. However, ACTIVE REISEN has to impute the
value of the spared expenditures as well as the advantages that ACTIVE REISEN receives
from another use of the unutilized services, including the amounts refunded from the service
providers to ACTIVE REISEN.
7. Warranty/Liability
7.1 If travel services are not provided in accordance to the contract, then the customer can
request redress in an appropriate time period. The customer has to point out any flaws
immediately (without undue delay). ACTIVE REISEN can refuse redress if it requires a
disproportionate service.
ACTIVE REISEN can also provide redress in the manner of a surrogate service reasonable
for the customer so that is of at least equal value, as long as the flaw was not caused in bad
faith or the redress does not constitute a prohibited change in the contract.
7.2 In case flaws or deficiencies occur, the customer is obliged to reprimand them to the
hosting service provider immediately in order to give them the opportunity to deal with the
problem as soon as possible. If the service provider does not manage to provide redress in
due time, the customer is to inform the local travel guide, the operator on site or the
substitute for ACTIVE REISEN in written form. The same applies if the customer’s complaint
to the service provider is not possible or reasonable.
7.3 If the customer at fault omits the deficiency complaint, he is insofar excluded from the
right to reduce the price or an indemnity claim and has no right to demand refunds.
7.4 A termination of the travel contract through the customer because of a travel deficiency
that impairs the trip considerably is only valid if ACTIVE REISEN does not provide
reasonable redress after an appropriate time period for resolving this issue was suggested to
ACTIVE REISEN by the customer. A deadline is not necessary if providing redress is
impossible, is declined by ACTIVE REISEN or if the immediate termination is justified in
special interest of the customer.
8. Registering claims/Prescription
8.1 If the customer wants to claim a price reduction, indemnity, travel deficiencies, indemnity

due to contractual or tortious liability, reimbursement of expenses, the refund of the price for
the trip, or parts of it or indemnity after termination of the travel contract or after cancelation
of the trip due to other reasons, then he is to point out said claims on site at the respective
travel destination immediately and without hesitation. After the end of the trip, the customer
has a time period of one month to register their complaint with ACTIVE REISEN in written
form, while stating the reasons for it. Service providers, travel guides or other local or
suburban agencies are not empowered to accept claim registrations.
The deadline for claim registrations, which is within one month after the end of the trip, is only
retained, if the customer has sent his explanation to ACTIVE REISEN before the end of it,
unless the customer was prevented from making the deadline through no fault of his own.
8.2 The claims can also be registered by the customer, except on his behalf, for relatives who
are fellow travelers or on the behalf of other participants the customer appeared for when
registering for the trip. The registration of claims from third parties that do not belong to this
circle of people is void, without it needing an immediate rejection through ACTIVE REISEN, if
no authorization document is presented within the filing period.
8.3 Customer claims arising from warranty and contractual liability shall lapse after six
months. The period begins on the day on which the trip is contractually set to end. If the
customer asserted such claims, the limitation period is suspended until the day on which the
tour operator rejects the claims in writing.
8.4 Claims arising out of unauthorized acts become void in one year
9. Constraint of liability
9.1 ACTIVE REISEN’s contractual liability for damages that are not bodily injuries is limited to
three times the travel price, as long as the customer’s damage was precipitated neither
purposely nor recklessly, or ACTIVE REISEN is responsible for the damage arising for the
customer solely due to a service provider’s fault. ACTIVE TRAVEL recommends to the
customer to take out a comprehensive travel insurance as well as travel accident and
baggage insurance.
9.2 If ACTIVE REISEN finds itself in the position of providing a contractual air carrier, then
liability is subject to the regulations of the Air Traffic Act or the international convention of
Warsaw, The Hague, Guadalajara as well as the Montreal Agreement.
Hereby, the liability of the air carrier is limited upon death or bodily injuries as well as for loss
or damage of luggage.
10. Diving courses and programs
The travel participant explains through their registration that, medically, there are no
concerns regarding a participation in diving courses and programs and agrees to present a
mandatory medical check-up certificate for diving at the diving trip destination. During the
diving course and program the diving instructors’ instructions have to be followed.
Infringements implicate immediate exclusion without entitlement for a refund. Diving program
participants have to have the appropriate amount of diving experience. Diving services that
are not utilized are not eligible to be refunded.
11. Passport, Visa and health regulations
11.1 The traveler is compelled to consider the respective travel regulations of the destination
country and is responsible for the timely issuance of a visa himself. The information regarding
entry and health regulations in the ‘Prices’ or ‘Info’-section are valid for German citizens at
the point of issuing the citizenship, after the notices of the foreign office and the respective
country’s embassy. Ancillary to the current status, the customer will be briefed on the entry
requirements through us and our distributors.

11.2 The relevant consulate will furnish particulars for citizens of other countries.
12. Travel, Withdrawal and Cancelation Fees:
Upon withdrawal, the general withdrawal cost per travel participant, including all contractual
services, holiday packages with hotel, bungalow, rental car, diving program and round trip
services amount to:
25% of the travel price until 31 days before the start of the journey
30% of the travel price from the 30

th, until the 21

st day before the start of the journey

40% of the travel price from the 20
, until the 15

th day before the start of the journey

50% of the travel price from the 14
, until the 7

th day before the start of the journey

75% of the travel price from the 6
, until the 3

rd day before the start of the journey

95% of the travel price from the 2

nd day before the start of the journey and the day of

Cancelation fees for cruises
The general withdrawal cost per travel participant and for all cruises amount to:
50% of the travel price until 61 days before the start of the journey
60% of the travel price from the 60

th until the 31

st day before the start of the journey

75% of the travel price from the 30

th until the 15

th day before the start of the journey

95% of the travel price from the 14

th day before the start of the journey and the day of

In case the participant does not appear on the day of departure or 1 day before embarkation,
the cancelation fee amounts to 95% of the travel price.
For an cancelation for abroad, an additional processing fee of 150€ is charged per person.
ACTIVE REISEN, as well as Cuba4Travel and Cuba-Diving are explicitly eligible to
undertake the reversal collection and travel cost collection from the travel participants for the
tour operators Cuba4Travel, Cuba-Diving, Active Travel and Diving Ltd. and all other
respective Cuban service providers and tour operators in Cuba.
13. Travel Price Protection (Secured Payment Certificate)
The customer’s travel price is protected with a German secured payment certificate
according to §651k par. 3BGB.

Sharewood can also provide for:

  • Airline ticket office
  • Transfers on site
  • Reservation of any extra nights (aside from the selected package)
  • Cancellation insurance policy
  • “Assistance / Medical / Luggage” insurance policy