Japan: 10-day tour in Tokyo and Kyoto

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10 days / 9 nights
Availability : January - December
Min Age : 18 +
Come discover Japan with us!

Who hasn’t dreamt of visting Japan at least once in their life? Take the leap and fly to Tokyo with Sharewood, and come discovering all the beauties and wonders of this amazing country! On this 10-day tour, you will be able to visit all Japan’s main attractions, from Kyoto to Mount Fuji, to some of the main islands in the South of the country.
What else are you waiting for? Just pack up and fly off to Japan!



Day 1The adventure begins - Arrival in Tokyo

Welcome to Japan! Land in the amazing capital of the Rising Sun and settle in the hotel, get some rest (and some ramen!) and prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

Day 2Guided tour in Tokyo

Meet your English Speaking Guide and head for 8 hours tour in Tsukiji and Ginza areas. This morning you will explore the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market and experience making Sushi in Ginza’s Sushi restaurant.
Next, you’ll visit the traditional Japanese garden of Hamarikyu and have a cup of Maccha Green Tea and head to the old part of Tokyo, Asakusa to visit the oldest temple in town, Sensoji and Nakamise Shopping Street.

Day 3Heading Kyoto via Mt. Fuji

You’ll be met by guide this morning and head for Mount Fuji either by bullet train or private vehicle. You’ll visit Mt. Fuji, Shiraito Falls, Lake Tanuki, Fujinomiya, Fuji-Sangen Shrine and Sake Brewery.
After 6 hour Mt. Fuji tour, you’ll head to Kyoto.
– Skiing on the Mt. Fuji (December to March), Cycling around Lake Tanuki, Crime up to the Mt. Fuji takes about 5 hours from 5th stage to the top and 3 hours crime down to 5th state of the mountain (Fujinomiya Route 8.5km)
– Golf

Day 4Guided tour in Kyoto

Today, you will visit the ancient temple Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto’s famous Golden Pavilion Kinkaku-ji, Fushimi-Inari-taisha, with its picturesque, 4 km hill-climbing pathway lined with thousands of red torii.

Day 5Fly to Ishigaki Island

Today, you will be transferred to Itami Airport in Osaka and fly to Ishigaki Airport.
Ishigaki Island is a prominent island in Okinawa, and serves as the transportation hub for the Yaeyama islands, primarily accessed by boat from the Ishigaki boat terminal.
On this tour, you also visit Taketomi-jima Island, Kuro-shima Island, and Iriomote-jima Island.

Day 6Ishigaki Island

Among the highlights will be one of the Japan’s “top three views” – an unforgettable grand vista upon which you will gaze at Kabira Bay – extensive limestone cave formations, forested mountains with views across stunning expanses, the Tamatorizaki Observation Point, Ibaruma Bay, the emerald blue ocean with its coral reefs, and Yonehara Palm Tree Groves (palm forest), which is both a botanist’s and nature lover’s delight, featuring many types of palm trees and more. As you can see, Ishigaki is definitely a place worth visiting!

Day 7Taketomi Island

Today, you will explore Taketomi Island, a small island about 9 km in circumference, and about 10 minutes by high speed ferry from Ishigaki-jima.
You will see brightly coloured flowers along a road that parallels white coral sands. The sight of slowly moving buffalo-drawn carriages accompanied by the sounds of the Okinawa sanshin (the predecessor to the sanshin most of us know today) creates a melodic soundtrack which completes the scene perfectly. Taketomi-jima is still pure, beautiful, and unadulterated Okinawa, a place which has to be seen to be believed.

Day 8Kuroshima Island

Kuroshima Island is also a charming small Island. It is known for beautufiul coral reefs and beaches, which are habitual egg-laying grounds for various species of Sea Turtles. Famous as an Island is cows. Comparing the human population of 220, over 3,000 beef cows are raised here.
You’ll explore around beautiful Kuroshima Island by bicycle with your guide and visit Nakamoto beach at the west coast and you can do some snorkeling. There is Nishinohama beach to visit also.

Day 9 Iriomote Island

Iriomote-jima is the second largest island (after Okinawa-Honto) in the prefecture, and over 90% of its surface is covered with tropical and subtropical virgin forest. Deep in the vast jungles grow Iriomote’s wild cats and other rare and cherished wildlife, as well as uncountable rivers supporting large mangrove stands, grand vistas punctuated by vigorous waterfalls, and so much more. This degree of big nature is naturally conducive to eco tourism activities such as canoeing and trekking. The breathtaking sights to behold here on Iriomote-jima just may challenge your preconceptions about what Japan is! You’ll also make a quick jaunt to nearby Yubu-jima, a small island next to Iriomote-jima, which is only 15m above sea level and 2.15km around. Buffalo carriages are used for sightseeing, which is the perfect pace to take in the slow life here. You will return Iriomote-jima for tonight’s lodging

Day 10Flight back home - the adventure ends

You will depart from Ishigaki airport to International airport in Tokyo and change for a flight. The adventure is over, but we are sure you will never forget it!

Changes in the itinerary may incur. Organizers may modify the tour accordingly to weather conditions to ensure the safety of participants.

The price includes

  • English speaking tour guide
  • Private driver
  • Transfer to/from airport
  • National flights and train tickets
  • 4* hotel accommodation

The price does not include

  • Contract management fee (10€ per person, mandatory)
  • International flights
  • Meals
  • Entrance tickets and fees to national sites
  • Any costs for additional/optional activities
  • Anything not explicitly mentioned in "the price includes"

Partner terms and conditions

Traveler’s Right to Cancel the Contract
The Traveler may cancel at any time the Customized Tour Contract
by paying to
us the cancellation charge specified in Schedule I. In the case that
the said Traveler
wishes to cancel the Communication Contract, we shall accept
payment of the
cancellation charge by using the card of the Affiliated Company
without obtaining the
said Traveler’s signature on the designated voucher.
Time of Cancellation (based on Japan time)
(a) If notice of cancellation is received by 21 or more days prior to
the starting date of the tour
Cancellation Charge: No Charge
(b) If the Contract is cancelled on or after the 20th day to 8th day
(the 10th day in the case of a day trip)

counted backward from the day immediately preceding the starting
day of the Tour
Cancellation Charge: 20% of the Tour Price
(c) If the Contract is cancelled on or after the 7th day to 2nd day
counted backward from the day i
mmediately preceding the starting day of the Tour
Cancellation Charge: 60% of the Tour Price
(d) If the Contract is cancelled on or after one day immediately
preceding the starting day of the Tour
Cancellation Charge: 80% of the Tour Price
(e) If the Contract is cancelled on the very day when the Tour starts
Cancellation Charge: 100% of the Tour Price
Note 1: (a) In a case other than the following cases from (b) through
(e) (but
limited to cases where we have specified the amount of the
Charge in the Contract Document) Amount equal to the Planning
Note 2: The amount of the cancellation charge shall clearly be
specified in the Contract

Administration of Itinerary
We shall make efforts to secure the safe and smooth
implementation of the travel for the Traveler and to carry out the
following services for the Traveler, except when we have concluded
with the Traveler a Special Contract which differs from these

(1) In cases where it is considered that the Traveler may not be
able to receive the Tour
Service during the Tour, to take necessary measures to ensure that
the Traveler will
receive the Tour Service as specified in the Customized Tour
(2) In cases where it becomes unavoidable to alter the contents of
the Tour Contract
despite the measures taken as described in the preceding
Paragraph, to make
arrangements for alternative services. If the itinerary of the Tour is
to be changed, we
shall make efforts to make the alternative itinerary after the change
measure up to the
purport of the original itinerary. Also in cases where we are required
to change the
contents of the Tour Services, we shall try to minimize alterations of
the Contract
Contents by making the contents of the Tour Service after the
change as close to the
originally planned contents as possible.

Responsibility of the Traveler
In the case that we have suffered damage due to the willfulness or
fault of the
Traveler, the said Traveler will be required to compensate us for the
When the Traveler concludes the Customized Tour Contract, the
Traveler will be
required to try to understand the contents of the Customized Tour
Contract, such as the
right and obligation of the Traveler, etc., by utilizing the information
provided by us.
In order for the Traveler to smoothly receive the Tour Service
described in the

Contract Document after the start of the Tour, the Traveler will be
required to report
promptly to us, our business agent or the provider of the said Tour
Service at the
Touring point if and when the Traveler realizes that a Tour Service
different from the
Contract Document has been offered.

Compensation Business Guarantee
We are the Security Member of the All Nippon Travel Association of
Travel Agents located at 5Floor Tanaka building 4-1-20 Toranomon
Minatoku Tokyo.
The Traveler or the Constituent Member, who has concluded the
Package Tour
Contract with us, is entitled to receive reimbursement from the
Compensation Business
Guarantee Bonds deposited by the Association of Travel Agents
which is described, up to the maximum amount of yen, in
connection with the claim arising from the said transaction.
As we have paid our share of the Compensation Business
Guarantee Bonds to the
All Nippon Travel Association of Travel Agents in accordance with
the provision of the Travel Agency Law, we have not deposited the
Business Guarantee Bonds, the Travel Agency Law.

Sharewood can also provide for:

  • Airline ticket office
  • Transfers on site
  • Reservation of any extra nights (aside from the selected package)
  • Cancellation insurance policy
  • “Assistance / Medical / Luggage” insurance policy